Boda Kvarn - Hydropower

Boda Kvarn has a long history. King Gustav Wasa mentions Boda Kvarn as a watermill for the first time in 1535. Ever since then and up until the 1960s, the watermill has been in use, an moreover, all the millers are known by name!

At the end of the 1600s, Claestorp Estate bought the mill and has been its owner ever since. During the 1900s first half, hydropower was also conducted, but during the 1940s, lightning struck, and the hydropower became non-operational. The building of the mill and its storehouse is today occupied by the “Östra Vingåkers Hembygdsförening”, who runs an extensive operation with flouring (yet again resumed!), a café, party arrangements, musical events etc. Visit them at the website

Boda Kvarns hydropower facility was inaugurated in 2007. All the construction, choice of material and preparation was made in accordance with the unique cultural heritage that Boda Kvarn presents.


Solar power

Claestorp is self-supplied with electricity, partly due to hydropower but also from our own solar cells. Since 2017 we produce and distribute electricity to many households and the home farm.

789 panels totalling 1100 sq.m producing ca 190.000 kwh p.a. (equivalent of 100 cbm of oil p.a)

Heating is provided via wood chips from our own forest.