About Claestorp


Claestorp is an estate located in the county of Södermanland, about two hours drive from Stockholm.  The estate is approximately 4,650 hectares and is situated in a very beautiful and scenic area between the dense woodlands of Kolmården and the cultural heritage of Södermanland. The estate shows beautiful nature with forests, meadows and plenty of lakes.

Claestorp is a very old estate where the owners can be traced back as far as 1434. The unique part of Claestorp´s history  is that the estate has never been sold. It has always been inherited or given within the family. After a fire 1753 the construction of the new main building began in 1754 and was finished 1758. Among the many interesting details of the main building is that the architect, Cronstedt, built smoke tunnels within the walls where hot air from the open fires heated the walls. This heating system was patented and is believed to be the antecedent of the tiled stove. The castle itself is today a protected Cultural Heritage.

Our main enterprise today is forestry, agriculture, real estate, electricity production and hunting.


The 4th of July 1776, the owner, Claes Stromberg, donates the house to his wife’s, Ulrica Catharina Lewenhaupt, nephew, Claes Axel Lewenhaupt. Since then, the family Lewenhaupt has run and lived on the estate.

The family at Claestorp today consists of Jan and Cecilia Lewenhaupt and their three children, Ebba, Louise and Claes.